This winter beauty is a women’s size small holiday sweater. Touting dozens of golden beads all over, and a selection of beautiful white snowflakes falling upon a series of cheesy christmas trees, she won’t last long in our inventory. Additional features include white stripes stiched along the base and up the centre. This sweater featues seven low profile buttons which could easily support being left open to show off your cheesy holiday turtleneck underneath.

Along the top you will find a series of white snowflakes moving left to right. The multicoloured base between the snowflakes and the poinsettas beneath seem to be a row of presents. On the back of the sweater you will also find one lonely snowflake with gold beads around its edges.

There are a total of eight cheesy christmas trees to compliment this piece. On each sleeve, you will find matching blue christmas trees with golden stars atop. From stage left to right, you will find the following: A red tree with white desings and a silver top, a smaller green and blue tree with golden star, two matching blue trees juxtaposed with the buttons between, and two more trees stage right matching the first two on stage left.

The black on this sweater is true an not faded in the least. It is a luxurious design that will have party attendees stunned when you walk in the door. A must have piece of our 2011 ugly christmas sweater collection.