This piece of holiday passion comes straight to you from 1999. This marvel of joy has a tan knit design, with subtle green borders around the neck and proclaimed borders along the base and the sleeves. There you will find intricate red and gold lacing with white plastic beads sewn through as connectors. But this Women’s size medium xmas sweater has even more that retro borders to tout about.

On stage left top you will find a tacky snowman resting beneath a red flower and on a blue background. The green border matches those of the collar and base. Frosty is wearing a red and white plaid scarf and smiling with even more beads, this time brown, sewn in to make his or her smiley face. The snowman is also sporting a blue top hat with red base. Under the snowman we will find a red white and gold scarf tied around itself. Beneath this tacky xmas scarf you will find a pair of baby blue ice skates with a green background and red border. Right beside these marvels of footwear lies an even more popular winder activity, skiing. Brown ski’s with red borders and green fittings compliment this tacky xmas sweater in ways beyond the imagination of most.

Along we move to stage right. Here we find a gentleman having a blast on top of his sled. He is resting on a red background with gold borders and seems to be slipping away into the snow bank. But no need to fear, he’s wearing a red, green and gold plaid scarf to keep his neck warm as he snowballs away like Charlie Sheen. Underneath this design you will find two green, red and gold plaid Christmas trees with in-versed designs and a blue snowflake in between. They sit above the less traditional horse (where did the reindeer go?) towing a tacky xmas sled filled with even more plaid presents for all the good girls and boys. Great attention to detail has been put in to this holiday wonder – we even find mittens and snow-boots along the sleeves. This holiday must have is a true original and will go to one lucky wearer as party of the 2011 collection. Sign up for the email list now and get advance notice for when our store is open for 2011.