LeBron James blew up Instagram this past week by posting an image of his ugly holiday sweater.

How does a 6 ft 8 in, 250 pound human being fit into a Christmas sweater? Apparently, he gets it custom made. LeBron’s Christmas sweater featured an 8 bit Christmas video game theme along with holiday imagery.

Instead of being made from traditional sweater material, LeBron’s sweater appeared to be made from comfier, stretchier material – because when you’re the king of your sport, you can wear whatever you want.

From his @KingJames Instagram account, LeBron posted the picture you see above.

As one writer on Uproxx.com described it, “It’s like an 8-bit Christmas video game threw up on some pajamas.”

Nice touch with the Live Laugh Love hashtag, LeBron.

Now, the real question is: did he wear his suit to his family Christmas party? Did he wear the Christmas outfit to his team’s Christmas party? Did he switch outfits halfway through the night?

I don’t really care – but I’m sure ESPN’s all over it.

NBA Christmas Sweaters Now Available

Some people were disappointed that LeBron didn’t wear a Cleveland Cavaliers Christmas sweater. Does this mean he’s not committed to the team?

Probably not. But you can view our full selection of NBA Christmas sweaters here: http://www.christmassweaters.ca/sports-teams/

The Cavaliers, by the way, lost to the Golden State Warriors in a Christmas Day thriller. So clearly, LeBron’s Christmas sweater didn’t give him quite enough magic to get past Steph Curry – but I don’t think there’s enough magic in the world for that.