Sexy Santa Hat Bikini – So Easy to Make!

Get your hands on six Santa hats and follow our on screen instructions for a quick and easy DIY project.

Today we will be showing you how to make a santa hat bikini top. You will require one sweater or upper garment of your choice. You will also require a hot glue gun, scissors and six santa hats. It is best if the two Santa hats you will be using along the chest are unique patterns, so your Christmas sweater will stand out more at the party.

Start by laying the sweater flat and placing two Santa hats face up on either side. Make sure the top of the hats are close to the shoulder, but not over them (unless you’re going for a wide strapped Santa hat bikini top). More importantly, the bottom of the Santa hats must leave about 3 inches beneath the sweater’s arm pit region. You will be running the white Santa hat rings through this area.

Now you will need to cut the Santa hat rings out. Make one full length by cutting in half once after separation from the hat top. Cut the second ring one extra time in the middle to make two equal sized lengths. Score some glue along either side of the Santa hats, closest to the arm pit region. DO NOT glue the piece of fabric directly to the sweater at the crease. Instead leave some room for the fabric to stretch within. Repeat this step on both sides.

Rotate your Santa hat and put two full length Santa hat ring pieces flat across to the top. Glue the small pieces to the large pieces, and fold both back. Lay glue along the sweater in the area of which you wish to have the back straps run. Once completed, flip the shoulders back over and attach the top of the felt lengths to the top of the Santa hat Christmas sweater.

Ready to POWER LEVEL? Go to your kitchen and collect eight plastic bags of equal or similar size. Fold four of them together, twice. Stuff the Santa hats with these bags, and gently glue down the Santa hat ring to keep the padding contained. Congratulations, you have now successfully made a 3D certified ugly, tacky and cheesy Santa hat Christmas sweater.