Add your lights in five easy steps!

We’re pleased to present a full tutorial for adding lights to your ugly Christmas sweater right here, totally free of charge.

Today we’re happy to provide the answer to the ever so asked question “How do I add lights to a Christmas sweater?” The answer is simpler than you may think, and we’re happy to show you two different alternatives to light yourself up for that ugly party this year.

Cut Your Ugly Shape

Step 1: Cut Your Shape

In our first example we will be making a “ready to glue” fabric Christmas tree with lights. Start by finding some green fabric. You could use an old towel, bed sheet or even cut out of a t-shirt that’s not going to be worn any more. Here we are using the back of a large felt sack purchased from a craft store.

I’m tracing the Christmas tree with my stencil, but you could easily just draw one out by hand. If you’re making several and wish them all to be the same size, I would suggest tracing the tree on to the inside of a cereal or pizza box and cutting that out. This way, you can use a cardboard stencil and all of your trees will be the same size. Once you have drawn your tree, use a good pair of scissors to cut the fabric into the shape.

Draw and Cut your Light Holes

Step 2: Draw and Cut Your Light Holes

The DIY Christmas lights used in this example can be purchased from us. These have been specially sized so that each light is only 4 inches apart from each other. This allows you to have nice spacing on your lights while not having too much extra wire behind the scenes.

Use a felt tip marker to spot ten holes in. Make sure that they are only about 3 ½ inches apart so the wire can stretch. Now carefully poke holes where you have dotted your felt marker.

Install Your LED Light Kit

Step 3: Insert the LED Light Kit

Now that you’ve cut the holes for your lights it’s time to run them through. Make sure you’ve put your batteries in already and have stretched our the light kit to get the most flex from your wires. I like to start at the top and work down, so that the battery pack will rest on the lower, wider part of the tree.

For each time you run a light through the hole, also use some hot glue or super glue to tack the light in place from the inside. Please be careful when using hot glue – it can burn you. I’ve been doing this for years and I’m comfortable not using intermediaries; I strongly suggest using the tip of a screwdriver to push the wire against the glue and the fabric to avoid burns.

Once you have successfully tacked in all ten lights, you can glue in the battery pack so the switch side is facing the inside of the shape you’ve cut out. I like to use a lint roller to pick up extra glue from this process. It’s not required but definitely recommended.

Apply to an Ugly Sweater

Step 4: Apply to a DIY Christmas Sweater

Grab the Christmas Sweater you would like to apply this to and lay it flat on the table. Place your Christmas tree on the sweater so the wires are on the inside between the fabric of the tree and the fabric of the sweater.

Use hot glue or superglue and spread it evenly along the base of the shape between it and the sweater. Here you can see I am using a pair of scissors to push the two fabrics together while the glue is hot.

Step 5: Cut the Access Hole and Party On!

Use your hands to feel where the batter pack is resting from the inside of the sweater. Using scissors, simply cut one line around the fabric at the center of the battery pack. Now you can push the pack through when it’s time to change the batteries.

Congratulations! You’ve just made an LED lighted Christmas Tree that you can apply to any DIY Christmas sweater project for the year. I hope you’ve enjoyed this presentation and will share it with your friends.