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The Fireside Series is now available on DVD! Dazzle your loved ones, and take your party to the next level with these charismatic takes on the TV fireplace. The White Trash and Sexy Editions make for a truly comical and memorable addition to any holiday soirée.

The White Trash Fireplace video

You serious Clark? it’s like we’ve got Randy Quaid from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation right here on your funny fireplace video! As the fire crackles, you will see a fairly rugged looking man who is rather comfortable in his house coat get a little more cozy when he lets it go and sprawls out by the fire. He proceeds to crack a cold beer and take a sip, just before lighting himself a cigarette. At Fireside Series, we offer funny fireplace videos with a twist. You can stare at the classic fireplace all night or enjoy the comfort of an attractive lady. Or, have a more casual evening and strip down in front of the fireplace with your new guy fried. We’ve got something for all different tastes. white-trash-fireplace-video[1] Don’t worry about stoking the fire! We take care of that for you. Just as the funy fire starts to crackle down, a kind and funny stranger comes by to stoke the fire with his axe. He’ll also add a few more logs to the fire to ensure it stays burning throughout the night.

The Fireside Series

There’s something special about watching a fire burn. Human beings have been attracted to fire for hundreds of thousands of years. In the past, fire was a valuable defense against animals and the cold. Today, we use fires to warm up our homes. Unfortunately, genuine fireplaces are becoming rarer and rarer. New homes rarely feature fireplaces and chimneys. Gas-powered fireplaces are nice, but they don’t provide the same atmosphere as a wood-burning fireplace. That’s why fireplace videos have skyrocketed in popularity over the last few years. During the holiday season, virtually every cable provider offers a channel which simply shows a fire crackling away in a fireplace.

The Sexy Fireplace Video

What if you want something more from your virtual fireplace? What if you want more than just a simple fire? What if you to see a sexy lady lying in front of your fireplace? We can do that! Thanks to the magic of technology, you can enjoy the company of an attractive woman in sexy lingerie in front of your fireplace all night long. A handsomely-dressed lumberjack man is nice. But do you know what’s better? A woman in sexy lingerie or, if it’s your thing, you can hang out with a man getting drunk in his underwear. Whether you choose the Sexy fireplace video or the White Trash video (or both!), you’ve got company for those long winter nights. sexy-fireplace-video[1] The entire video lasts about 60 minutes, but you can restart the video as many times as you want. You can even skip to your favorite part of the video because let’s be honest: the plot is pretty easy to follow.

The most traditional fireplace video ever made

The Classic Fireside Series is available free of charge via an online stream. DVDs are available at a cost of $12 and each of the two themed videos is available at a special discount rate of $1.99. Our Classic fireplace is as traditional as possible. A perfectly stacked teepee of logs crackles away over an iron grate. The fireplace itself is made from cinderblocks that have been charred black by years of use. It looks like a fireplace you would see in a Disney movie, or maybe at your grandparents’ house. It’s legit. You’ll want to turn up the volume to fully appreciate this video. It sounds just like a real fire because, well, it is a real fire. It’s 100% genuine with no special effects trickery involved at all. Smoke wisps up from the logs as they slowly turn into ashes and fall through the grate.

Why have fireplace videos have skyrocketed in popularity over the last few years? During the holiday season, virtually every cable provider offers a channel which simply shows a fire crackling away in a fireplace. Millions of people turn to this channel every year. Sure, the television fireplace might not physically warm your home, but it does provide a different type of warmth. Some people use the fireplace video to be reminded of simpler times, while other people just can’t enjoy Christmas without a crackling fireplace at their backs. And then there are some people who just want an excuse to stare at the TV. Or some background noise to drown out your grandparents’ boring stories. But today’s homeowners demand more out of their virtual fires. They’re not satisfied with having some anonymous hand creepily reach into the frame to stoke the fire every 15 minutes on a standard definition video feed. Because you demand more, we created the Fireside Series. With the Fireside Series videos, the choice is yours to make: a sexy lady, an underdressed man, or a traditional fireplace that is safe for the whole family. Whatever you choose, we want to make your home as delightful as possible this holiday season. Making a fire in your home can be hard. If your home has a fireplace, then you still need to go chop some wood and kindling. If your home doesn’t have a funny fireplace, then trying to light a fire inside is a very bad idea. With the Fireside Series, we take care of the entire fire for you. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and soak in the holiday spirit.