Free Christmas Sweater Clipart

Is it time to get planning for this year’s Christmas cards? Look no further than our totally-free Christmas sweater clipart collection. Perfectly sized for use in both digital and print applications, this sweater clipart comes in a wide variety of colors and sizes. Why bother paying for Christmas sweater clipart when you can get it for free?

We’ve decided to do something a little different to celebrate the seventh year anniversary of With the holiday sweater craze getting hotter and hotter each year, we have decided to create a totally free set of Christmas Sweater clipart for all of our visitors and customers. Sweater clip art is great for putting in Christmas cards, invitations, posters, and as general décor at your office or home Christmas Sweater shindig. You can even add these images to your email signature for a festive holiday treat.

Download Here

A closer look at the Christmas Clipart:

Christmas Penguin Clipart

Here we have a super cute piece of Christmas Sweater clipart – a plump penguin is wearing a Santa hat and looking to your left if you were wearing this sweater.

Nutcracker Clipart

This nice green piece of holiday clipart shows a nut cracker on it. He is wearing a red holiday shirt with gold accents and some matching blue pants.

Elf Sweater Clipart

This is a super awesome elf clipart piece. Note the candy cane design on the sleeves and base, along with the green design complimented by golden bells and a black belt.

Snowflake sweater clipart

Here we have a checkered design with lots of green, red and white. There are some white snowflake designs and some white stripes on the bottom.

Reindeer cardigan clipart

The reindeer duke out shows two reindeer facing eachother on a fashionable red Christmas cardigan.

Skate Christmas Sweater Clipart

The “Skate Sharpener” shows a simple skate with an exaggerated blade and some cute white accents.

Santa Christmas Sweater Clipart

The “Simply Santa” design shows the big man himself all across a plain green Christmas Sweater.

Christmas Dog Clipart

Here we have curious Christmas dog that just can’t wait to get his or her paws in to that present. Anyone else think there is kibble inside?

Candy Cane Sweater

The “Candy Cane Lane” Christmas Clipart sweater shows two juxtaposed candy canes over the front of a catchy green Christmas tree.

Christmas Tree Sweater Clipart

Here we have another spin on the Christmas tree design. You will note blue, green and yellow decorations on this purple Christmas sweater along with a festive gold star on top.

Snowman Chirstmas Sweater Clipart

This lovely snowman is holding up a broom and he’s ready to help you with clearing the driveway. His red scarf and black hat ensure that he his prepared for even the most chilly conditions.

Gingerbread Man Clipart

The gingerbread man on here is rather oversized and has some nice white accents on the feet and wrists. There is also a nice Santa hat to compliment the broken red and white sweater layout.

Pink rudolph sweater clipart

This disgusting pink reindeer sweater has red and green collars, along with matching stripes along the bottom. There is a reindeer facing stage left on it as well, looks like Rudolph!

Rudolph Xmas Sweater Clipart

Here we have another Rudolph Christmas sweater – except for it looks like Rudolph is half dog in this one. We find it funny that even though he has antlers, he can squeeze on a Santa hat.

Christmas Sweater Clipart

Moving along, we have a very busy blue Christmas cardigan with a Christmas kitty, penguin, eskimo and igloo.

Fireplace Clip Art

This lovely lighted fireplace shows three hanging stockings and a warming glow beneath. Red accents truly add some cheer to this garment.

Dove Christmas Sweater

Let the white dove fly! She is soaring over a snowbank of Christmas trees and seems to be caught in a flurry of pink and white snow.

Christmas Kitten Clipart

This tobogganing Christmas kitty is sliding down a snow bank with a cute mountain in behind, and a snow bordered Christmas tree in behind.

Christmas Cardigan Clipart

What a busy red Christmas cardigan! See all the festive favourites, such as a snowman, Christmas tree and various snowflakes. Subtle hearts also add some love to this piece.

Kids Christmas Sweater

That’s what I call teamwork! Two boys are helping a snowman put his hat on. I bet they’ve been out there all day and could really use a hot cup of cocoa!

Santa Sleigh Clipart

This majestic piece of printable sweater clipart shows santa racing towards the sky behind his starry backed maroon sweater.

Checkered Ugly Sweater

This is as ugly as it gets. There is no reason at all to mix that purple with a red and white candy cane. Stripes along the sleeves really add to some holiday cheer as well.

Christmas Train Clipart

This super cute pink and green Christmas sweater shows a train piloted by Santa clause moving from stage right to stage left.

Christmas Star Clipart

This emphasized Christmas star takes the cake with a super huge smile and even a red hat with an extra start on top of it.

There are 24 images in total, and they’re all in transparent PNG format ready to download right now. The only thing we ask is that you like us on Facebook to activate your download! Even better – this set of Christmas Sweater clipart works on your home computer, cell phone, tablets and even kindles! Just download and extract the zip file and load them in to your media library to use them for whatever you like!