As your love for Christmas sweaters grow, so does your love for the family dog. Every passing year endures another adoring collection of memories that you’ve shared with an unconditional love from your dearest pooch. There for you in good times and bad, dog owners can always count on their scruffy friends to turn any frown upside down with a simple lick or a warm snuggle.

Lighted Dog Sweater

A dog sweater made for Christmas, that’s lighted and comes with three stuffed stockings hanging over the fireplace?!?! Taste the value. Taste the joy. Imagine your large or small breed beauty prancing around as a mobile fireplace this holiday season. Close your eyes, imagine the stockings bouncing up and down as Missy’s tail wags. Now awake – find yourself ready to learn more about the lighted dog Christmas sweater while you’ve still your smile is frozen ear to ear.

Dog Christmas Presents

Are you one of those people who really enjoys searching around the web for unique dog Christmas presents? Surely you never thought you would stumble upon a naughty Christmas sweater with reindeer humping on it in your ventures. The good thing is, it doesn’t really matter of your dog has been naughty or nice, he or she will still be wearing one of the best dog Christmas presents around.

Get your Dog in Clothes

The winter is cold, wet and dark. Return the unconditional love to your dog this holiday season by purchasing a super cute dog sweater. It’s never been easier to get your dog in clothes thanks to our massive selection of Christmas gifts for pets – available right through the holiday season and while quantities last.

Make it a Doggy Fashion Show

Check out our array of options that allow you to match your own doggy fashion this Christmas season. Get matching Chrismtas sweaters for the whole family, or let the doggy fashion shine out by getting a super unique one for your dog as a special gift this holiday season.

Reindeer Threesome Dog Christmas Sweater

Thanks to our friends at Festified, you can have the opportunity to score a reindeer threesome dog Christmas sweater with ease this holiday season. It’s the kind of dog sweater that appears honest and wholesome at first glance. But look long enough and see how naughty those reindeer are being. Since they all have antlers, are they all male?

The Perfect Dog Sweater

Welcome to the perfect dog sweater. The dark knits are beautifully accented by white speckles (or stars) and the edges have a magnificent holiday pattern throughout. The classic “Reindeer Threesome” design is spanned accross the back, with lucky(?) Rudolph in the middle of a love sandwich. Warning – wearing this dog sweater will not stop your dog from getting mounted at the park.

Fireplace Dog Sweater

For those of you who want to cuddle up with your dog by the fire all day long, throw on the fireplace dog sweater and turn on the lights. This lighted dog sweater will keep your pooch extra visible, while making everyone around him or her turns in to best friends. There’s no telling how the world will change as a result of the world’s first lighted fireplace sweater for dogs, but we’re excited to see.

Unique Gifts for Pets

If you’re in the market for unique gifts for pets this holiday season, consider the light up dog Christmas sweater. Let’s face it, in today’s high pace society, getting a plain old dog sweater just won’t do. Step up your game this year by giving the best gifts for pets available – lighted dog Christmas sweaters.

Large Breed Dog Christmas Sweater

Big dogs mean big love. Keep that extra large, loyalty filled heart warm and cozy with your love this holiday season. Even the largest of breeds can look and feel great in our large breed dog Christmas sweaters, and thanks to the internet, we’ll get it to your house in about 3 days (no drone required).

Knitted Dog Sweater Pattern

Knitted dog sweater patterns are becoming increasingly popular this year. Take a look at the fine specimen above and note the detail shown all over. To knit something like this would take ages! Thank you science, you have made my clothing experience that much better. No longer do I have the need to knit naughty sweaters for my dogs by hand; now I can just get them right here.

Small Breed Dog Sweater

We wouldn’t want to have the small bread dog sweaters away from the fun, so we’ve got a lighted one for them too! The only difference here is that you will see what appear to be Santa hats hanging from the top, when really, they are stuffed stockings hung upside down to mesmerize you with the enchanted lighted fireplace.

High Fashion Dog

Is your dog a bit of a hot house orchid? You should probably outfit her in only the best dog sweaters available, we wouldn’t want to get her all riled up. Now your beauty can stay in fashion over the busy holiday season by wearing this antique styled dog sweater featuring two reindeer and a classic Christmas tree. Doggy fashion has never looked so good.

Knitted Dog Pattern

For those in to knitted dog patterns, this design is a must see. Intricate knits are all over this dog sweater, along with extra stitching around the paw and bum holes. Your dog is sure to be comfy, cuddly and extra cute when wearing this unique knitted dog pattern all throughout the holiday season.

Red Dog Sweater

Want to make your dog red this holiday season? You should probably get a red dog sweater then. Cleverly, this is the bottom of a dog sweater that is mostly red, but has the fireplace and stockings on the back side. Don’t worry, your pup still gets paw and tail holes. Your dog is born ready to paint the town red. Make it happen.

Reindeer Dog Sweater

Meet the reindeer dog sweater that you’re not embarrassed to buy. Here we find two red reindeer juxtaposed evenly away from a bright green Christmas tree. The noisy black and white antique design keeps the focus on the reindeer, who in turn direct the focus to the tree. Several color options are available for those with the most discerning of tastes.

Big Dog’s Clothing in Stock

For those who have big dogs, we have their clothing in stock. No matter what size or breed you may have, we offer an abundance of cute dog sweaters in stock; made just in time for Christmas with super fun holiday designs. With so many to choose from, you’ll find it easy to find the perfect gift for your dog (and your family) this holiday season.

Light Up Dog Christmas Sweater

Light up the party by strolling your pup in sporting a lighted fireplace with 3D stockings. The guests will laugh so hard, they’ll be bolting to the yard to start making yellow snow cause they can’t even hold it. When they all return, it’s party time and the magical spirit emitted from this lighted fireplace Christmas sweater keeps the party going all night long.