DIY Christmas Sweaters and Light Kits

DIY Light Sets for your Sweater Available Now!

Glue them on and be the light of your next ugly tacky Christmas sweater party.

It’s time to get serious about your holiday attire. That’s why we’re proud to present a huge variety of battery powered Christmas lights that are ready to adhere to your DIY Christmas sweater. Now you can waltz on in to the tacky party holding your head up high as you glare on the ceiling and walls at your broadcasting LED lights. They shoot far enough that you can be seen at least 100 feet away – and that’s no joke.

You’ll be the center of attention with these things… I have personally compared them to some of the sweaters that come with LED lights already installed on them (except for ours, which rock) and there is a huge difference. The output of the sweaters that come pre-lit are nothing special. I mean, its true, they are LED lights that are battery powered and technically, the other are lighted sweaters. But if you end up watching the video for our 2012 DIY Christmas sweater you will see a huge difference. So if you’re ready to take the DIY game seriously and learn how to win ugliest at your Christmas party, grab a set of these and follow along.

DIY Christmas Sweater Shells are Here!

Now you can make your very own DIY Christmas Sweater creation thanks to the Poor Man Santa series.

In my best efforts to provide a wide variety of designs and price points for the 2012 ugly sweater season, the Poor Man Santa Series has been born. Simple white designs that boast intricate patterns of Santa with a dramatic face having fun with a variety of birds and bird houses. The great thing – these bad boys are machine washable as they arrive and start at only $29 CDN.

The huge perk for the Poor Man Santa Christmas sweaters are that they are customizable as they arrive. You can use them as a blank canvas for your DIY Christmas Sweater project, or wear them on their own to make a bold statement of Santa solitude.

Poor Man Santa has been released in six varieties ranging in mens size small to large, and are a perfect DIY christmas sweater platform. So if you have some ornaments and hot glue laying around, and the time for a fun family project, grab some Poor Man Santa’s and make your own tacky Christmas Sweaters. The fabric in the our Poor Man Santa series is also compatible with many iron on inkject printer screens, so you can add a personalized touch to your holiday monstrosity.

Be sure to check out our DIY accessory section for some fun and affordable add-ons, including santa hats, festive scarves, holiday ties and LED light kits for your DIY Christmas Sweater. 2012 is the year of the Christmas sweater – get yours while quantities last!